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About Us!

Behind Adorn Your Space

Jamie - Owner

Organization is something that has always come natural to me.  I work well in spaces, both physical and virtual, that have some type of functional order that is efficient to me.  Life as a military spouse, with two small children, and 2 high-energy boxers, things in my space can get very hectic, very quickly.  However, because cluttered space often leads to a cluttered mind, I find myself resetting my home nightly as a way to realign my order and my inner peace.

When others enter my space, I often receive compliments about how well things are put together.  I credit that to operating from a lens that implements order, fashion, and most importantly function.  As a result, I have helped a number of family and friends organize their spaces throughout the years.  That is why I have decided to share my organizational strengths with others to help them create a space that creates efficiencies in their physical and mental environments.  

As a Certified Professional Organizer, JN Purnell LLC formed Adorn Your Space in 2021 to provide quality and professional organizing services to Abilene, TX and surrounding areas for residential and business entities.  Virtual and travel services are also available to those outside the area.

I enjoy working with new and returning clients to create and maintain efficient spaces, and am committed to providing everyone with the best services possible.  I am proud of what I have been able to help others achieve in their personal and work spaces and look forward to working with you and my loyal clients for many years to come.

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